Thursday, March 27, 2008

Week two ends

And it ends with highs and lows. Each group has been tasked with researching a particular event or facet of the conflict and creating a keynote presentation (Apple's version of the power point)

Some students are really getting into the research and making creative, humorous, and detailed slideshows. That makes me happy.

A few kids are groaning and whining. That makes me mad. But it is to be expected.

I brought in some of the painted figures to give the kids a taste of the gaming to come. They had a lot of questions (most have no concept of how war gaming works and seem mystified by the idea of rules) and seemed eager to get playing. A few kids wanted to paint their own figures. It wasn't part of my original plan to have the students paint, but perhaps that would be fun too.

Anyhow. I've been painting and I must say I enjoy the painting the Persians more than I thought I would. I was all gung-ho for the hoplites but I think I've changed my mind.

I've also had my doubts about "dipping" the figures, but it still makes the process a lot quicker and time is ticking away. It doesn't look too bad on the Persians but on the Greeks' white linothorax it is not the best. Perhaps some other solution. I am also not the best with shield design. I like Little Big Men's decals but I don't have the cash for them. I should slow down and do a better job. . .

Anyway here are the latest additions to the armies. I hope to post some frames of the students' keynote presentations soon.


legatushedlius said...

Following your blog with interest. It sounds like a great project. How old are the children involved?

Presumably you have thought about showing them the film the 300 Spartans as well as a complete contrast to 300?

Mr. Webster said...

The bizarre part about this is I was just thumbing backwards through your site after I found it in a search engine and then popped over to my page and find your comment.

Thanks for your posting of my blog on your blog.

I cannot show them the entire 2007 movie (without risking my job), but I will show them clips and ask them to make comparisons between what historical evidence we have and how the movie portrays things.

I do have the old movie
but not sure if the middle school mind can sit still through the whole thing.

I have them watching "Last stand of the 300" by the History channel

it seems to do a good job of providing bite sized chunks of information along with nice graphics that helps the kids visualize the setting.

Hope to keep posting lots of stuff