Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Eagle has landed. . .

Yes indeed, Old Glory 25's came through as promised. . . A smallish white box sat outside in the cellar entryway this afternoon. It's small size concealed how heavy and chock full of lead figures it was. I tore into it and found a mixture of elation and dismay. . . .

I was excited at so many new figures, but I could feel the tingling dread of facing a gigantic task. So many figures ot clean, prep, assemble, prime, paint, base, and seal! and the packs of spears were unassembled? I had to build the spears? And the hands needed to be drilled?? My spirits sank for a moment. . . but the thrill of so many cool figures kept me going.

I smoothed out about 60 Greek bases using a belt grinder, which sped up the task.

I used my dremel to drill out the hoplites' solid hands with pretty good success.

My next issue was the spear shafts were too long and the hard metal shafts couldn't be cut with dikes. Problem solved with the dremel's cutting wheel. I began to feel like the task wasn't beyond me and got to work filing down mold lines on the figures. I like the look of the figures overall. Once they're painted they will work well!

My next big issue was the spear points. I was a bit miffed that I had to drill them out. I read online that you can make your own spears out of brass wire. Have to find the tutorial and give it a try. Here's what I have so far. . .

I am not impressed. :(

I am excited to see that my Gripping Beast Romans are close enough in size and build! Yahoo!

That's it for now. 11 of them ready to be primed. Hopefully I can make this a productive weekend.

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