Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Troubles, and Old

Monday Feb 25 My first hurdle (getting kids interested), I introduced the idea to the kids about my BWLI program and created a mini-poster to hang around the school. I have to admit there is more interest than I had expected. Just on our team alone eight or more kids said they wanted to sign up. three or four bugged me about it the next day. I won't get over-confident, until they actually sign up and show up!

Tuesday Feb 26
Osprey books and DVD ordered. Hopefully I will have them by Monday, would like to do a little more research on the Persians before this event gets into full swing.

Wednesday Feb 27 No luck on getting discounts on the miniatures. The two ranges I liked had no deals. I chose Vendel because they had more than just Standard "Persians" (Ethiopians, Egyptians and Babylonians). After I made the decision I received another obstacle to o'erleap. The distributor did not have enough models in stock and couldn't pin down how long it would take to get them in stock. I will continue my search. I need to start preparing models ASAP. . .

Thursday Feb 28 I hung my mini-poster outside both 8th grade social studies teacher's rooms. Hopefully I can pick up a some more. six to eight dedicated kids would be ideal. I figure even ten would be doable. I am considering doing some form of question sheet to focus the kids when they are doing research so they aren't overwhelmed. We'll see.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The first post of the Blog!

Not sure if I have set this up right or how it will work but I think that it will be a good thing to document the progress of the program to tout our victories and downplay our failures.

What I am up to.

* I will be advertising the program to the students this week. I hope to get 6-10 kids who are truly interested in doing this.

* In the process of ordering 4 books that have decently accurate (and cool) drawings of the troops involved (the Osprey series)

* Attempting to find the right range of figures for the project. Trying to balance the cost of the figures against the interest they will generate (my theory is larger more detailed figures (heroic 28mm) will be more interesting to the students than smaller ones (15mm). Bigger figures are more money and will take me longer to paint. Can I get 150+ painted in five to six weeks? :(

* I have toyed with the idea of asking students if they would be interested in painting figures, but I think that it wouldn't go over too well. I might do it as a side venture (on a non BWLI day)

* have to consider getting the figures painted, the terrain built, and the rules in place. There is a lot of behind the scenes side-projects to begin!

By the end of the week I hope to have the books & figures ordered

More to come. . .