Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slowly, It Begins. . .

Spent the weekend furiously filing, assembling, making all different spears out of various gauges of wire, priming, calculating and now on Weds (3-12) I put the first coat of paint on the first Persian figure. . . Here are some Persian cannon fodder types, laid out for painting.I went back and forth on color schemes. I want to save the purple for the Immortals and I didn't want to use too much red (saving that for the Spartans) so (after getting some fashion advice from my wife) I settled on a dark yellow with greenish slacks and headwraps. It looked a bit bland so I added some deep red cuffs and a central stripe.Very little highlighting, no worries about the folds or recesses. I am going to "dip" this guy in varnish, let him sit overnight, and then wait to see how he looks in the morning.

On an upbeat note. Using "Pages" (an iMac program on our BWLI laptops) I created a recruitment poster to hang in the school and got it printed on a 2' X 3' piece of vinyl fabric. I must say it looks nice!

The other heartening event is that 5 members of my wargaming club volunteered to take the time and help paint up some figures. The thought of painting 200+ figures was (and is!) daunting, but with this kind of support I think I can! I just want to acknowledge their generous offer. It really means a lot.

Well that's it for tonight. time to pry the lid off the varnish can and submerge a Persian. . .

Early morning update! Dunked guy is done. The flash makes him look a lot more glossy than he is. Not sure if I like the color scheme dunked. But this might be good enough for the nameless horde of Persian levies.

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