Saturday, March 1, 2008

The lead is in the mail

Saturday March 1st: Looked at a lot of different miniatures and did some hemming and hawing between Vendel/Artizan, Foundry, 15mm minifigs, 1:72 scale plastics, and Old Glory. Vendel figures were very nice looking, but expensive and very large compared to other scale models. When I called the distributor they did not have the figures I wanted and did not get back to me on when they would have them in stock.
I called Old Glory 25's and told them my story (middle school teacher in a time crunch to get this project started) and was met with enthusiastic help. A few minutes later my order was placed and by Monday (fingers crossed) 300+ miniatures will be in the mail.
Hopefully I'll get some hands on photo's of the process.

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