Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The day draws closer

A couple more students are petering out but the ones that are sticking around are doing some great work. The students Keynote presentations are on target and cover the basic background needed to explain Thermopylae to the average seventh grader.

Some students are planning to do their voice-overs for the Imovie and are getting pretty excited and creative.

Last night Jesse and I play tested the skirmish rules for the fight over Leonidas' body. The first set of rules ended up being a quagmire with little movement. The reworked rules were a lot more fluid. Nothing thrilling for jaded gamers, but a quick and dirty scenario that will have the kids rolling dice and making decisions.

I am toying with the idea of having models be "knocked back/down" instead of killed.

Jesse helped paint 11 Immortals as well. What might have taken me a week of steady work was knocked out in an evening. Thanks for all the help.

Four Greek peltasts and 3 more hoplites on the table. Bits and pieces slowly being added to the whole.
Pictures to follow this evening.

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