Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I hear voices

I am excited. I finally figured out how I could get the student's work and voice-overs onto the blog together. Apple Imovie, Itunes, and Keynote made it happen. Students were constrained to one minute audio clips and keynote slideshows. They all hit on the main ideas nicely.

Below is Colin R.'s work on the Persian Army.

And Kelan and Corey's work on the naval side of this battle.

Kyael's interesting look at the Ionian revolt, which started this whole affair. . .

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legatushedlius said...

I enjoyed all three very different presentations!

I liked Colin R's one on the Persian army it got over the facts about the appearance of the Persian infantrymen very well.

Kelan and Corey's presentation on the naval battle was very elegantly set out. The map was great.

Kyael really used the multimedia effects well and his use of illustrations and music was very good.

Great efforts all round guys!