Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let the games begin!

Pictures, voice overs, and the student's first foray into gaming. Good times! To think I was sweating all the work the kids had to do.

A special thanks to all the students who stuck with it. Even though they have to spend all day in school, they were still able to grind out an extra hour twice a week. Thanks to all of you!

First off the kids playing games. We started easy. No terrain, just the basics of movement, turn order, dice rolling etiquette ("no palming of dice please". "No that six on the floor does not count!"), and basic skirmish rules (using a Tactica Medieval rulebook donated generously by Ed Regendahl) with a few of my own modifications. The kids had fun, sweating the important roles, groaning and cheering with each twist of the fickle dice.
Below are pictures and the first one is Kelan, who served as photographer
Colin, Myles, Austin, & Kailee watch as Kyael makes his move. (above)
Corey and Kailee wait for Kyael, who is deep in tactical thought. (below)

Myles shows his stuff. King Leonidas is no match for this guy.

Joey and Myles watch the events unfold (above)
Codey is thinking about firing his arrows. (below)

More pictures to follow. The kids had fun, pizza and games. That's a good day of wargaming.

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