Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Troubles, and Old

Monday Feb 25 My first hurdle (getting kids interested), I introduced the idea to the kids about my BWLI program and created a mini-poster to hang around the school. I have to admit there is more interest than I had expected. Just on our team alone eight or more kids said they wanted to sign up. three or four bugged me about it the next day. I won't get over-confident, until they actually sign up and show up!

Tuesday Feb 26
Osprey books and DVD ordered. Hopefully I will have them by Monday, would like to do a little more research on the Persians before this event gets into full swing.

Wednesday Feb 27 No luck on getting discounts on the miniatures. The two ranges I liked had no deals. I chose Vendel because they had more than just Standard "Persians" (Ethiopians, Egyptians and Babylonians). After I made the decision I received another obstacle to o'erleap. The distributor did not have enough models in stock and couldn't pin down how long it would take to get them in stock. I will continue my search. I need to start preparing models ASAP. . .

Thursday Feb 28 I hung my mini-poster outside both 8th grade social studies teacher's rooms. Hopefully I can pick up a some more. six to eight dedicated kids would be ideal. I figure even ten would be doable. I am considering doing some form of question sheet to focus the kids when they are doing research so they aren't overwhelmed. We'll see.


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