Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The first post of the Blog!

Not sure if I have set this up right or how it will work but I think that it will be a good thing to document the progress of the program to tout our victories and downplay our failures.

What I am up to.

* I will be advertising the program to the students this week. I hope to get 6-10 kids who are truly interested in doing this.

* In the process of ordering 4 books that have decently accurate (and cool) drawings of the troops involved (the Osprey series)

* Attempting to find the right range of figures for the project. Trying to balance the cost of the figures against the interest they will generate (my theory is larger more detailed figures (heroic 28mm) will be more interesting to the students than smaller ones (15mm). Bigger figures are more money and will take me longer to paint. Can I get 150+ painted in five to six weeks? :(

* I have toyed with the idea of asking students if they would be interested in painting figures, but I think that it wouldn't go over too well. I might do it as a side venture (on a non BWLI day)

* have to consider getting the figures painted, the terrain built, and the rules in place. There is a lot of behind the scenes side-projects to begin!

By the end of the week I hope to have the books & figures ordered

More to come. . .

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